More and more often I hear in my practice that someone is following intermittent fasting. After this announcement they often start a series of questions, which I have noticed are repeated. Let's see them. •Can I drink liquids? Usually yes, but depending on the case, not all liquids are allowed. Obviously, water is always allowed and even encouraged, but coffee and tea may not be, depending on why one chooses to do intermittent fasting. If for example, someone does intermittent fasting with the goal of losing weight, as is often the case, then drinking coffee and tea without calorie sweeteners is acceptable. But if someone is doing intermittent fasting to rest their gastrointestinal system, then coffee and tea are not acceptable because they stimulate it. If you choose to drink coffee or tea, the ideal is to not use any sweeteners at all, because many times this leads to hunger, but if you choose to use sweeteners, use low or no calorie sweeteners. Adding a little milk to one's coffee is acceptable. •Isn't it bad not to eat breakfast? 95% of good nutrition is what we eat and only 5% is when we eat. So, if it is for breakfast that someone eats something that is unhealthy, which unfortunately happens all too often, then it is better not to eat breakfast. I can say that over 95% of people, if they cut out breakfast and increase the amount of lunch and dinner, their overall diet will improve. And I say this because most people's breakfast is unhealthy, and in this case it will be good to cut it. For for example, breakfast cereals are full of sugar. Definitely not a good idea for breakfast. Other options are puff pastry, toast, cereal bars, bread with butter and honey or jam, and other options, which are certainly far worse than the average lunch someone might eat, given that they're not ordering pizzas. Although I'm not sure if pizza or cereal with milk is worse on a calorie-for-calorie basis. Also, the scientific data has not clearly supported that breakfast helps anywhere. There are some studies that suggest that breakfast it helps to be less hungry during the day, but this does not translate into weight loss in any study. So, sure it's bad to eat a bad breakfast and it's good to eat a good breakfast, but it's definitely not bad not to eat breakfast. However, I remind you that the ideal feeding window should be from morning to early afternoon, and not as most do which is from noon to evening. • Can I take nutritional supplements during fasting? Generally yes, although some nutritional supplements such as vitamin D and vitamin E are not well absorbed on an empty stomach. •Can I exercise during the fasting window? Of course. This even seems to improve the body's ability to burn fat, although it hinders the maximization of strength. The general advice is that when you do performance enhancing workouts you should do them after a meal, but when you do workouts that maximize aerobic capacity, i.e. the ability to burn fat, it's best to do them on an empty stomach. •Will I lose muscle tissue with fasting? There is no easy answer here. There are some people who respond very well to fasting and don't lose muscle tissue, while there are others who don't respond so well and lose a lot of muscle tissue. In any case, you can avoid or limit this by exercising. •Will my metabolism slow down? Here too, the answer cannot be given in general, but is individualized for each one. Certainly, I don't take it for granted that you will lower your metabolism by fasting, but for some people it does. As I said earlier, exercise can protect our metabolism. •Does it make children fast? I do not find the reason why children should fast. The struggle for children is not to eat packaged junk all the time and to include all foods in their diet in a balanced way. Many people do intermittent fasting because this is how they look to lose weight. Wondering if intermittent fasting will help you lose weight? Before you start, you should definitely check out the video currently showing to my right where I explain in which cases intermittent fasting will help you lose weight and in which cases it won't. Thank you very much.

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