Hello, I would like to talk today in what form you should buy vitamins, nutritional supplements, but also medicines so that you have the least burden on things that you do not need. I mean the classic simple tablet. The classic simple tablet is the best choice and this is what you usually choose when you want to take medicine, vitamins or nutritional supplements. Let's see why. First about the sparklings. Effervescents are a completely wrong choice they contain too many excipients, too many chemicals Which all they do is add, create bubbles when what is made is done and it's just easier to take. On the other hand, they have sweeteners, they have chemicals in them, they have a lot of excipients which are useless and the result is that they are both expensive and offer nothing at all. The second is chewable tablets. And chewable tablets are not a very good choice because they contain sweeteners, are more expensive and also some chewable tablets can stain the teeth. So it's not a good choice. Finally, the third form which should be avoided is the liquid form. Either in a spray, or in a dropper, or in syrup or whatever. Again they contain many excipients, things that make the solution stable, which for us, for our health, are useless. They also contain many preservatives, sweeteners and generally various excipients to make the solution stable. On top of that, from the moment you open a food supplement that contains vitamin D in liquid form, from the moment you open it, you must consume it within a certain period of time. And if they say because of summer you want to stop taking vitamin D for two or three months, it's likely that it's gone bad then it's expired, you have to throw it away. While the simple traditional tablet that is dry and because it does not contain moisture has no preservatives, you can open a tab half of it, and you will use the other half after one two or three years even if it is in the form it was in the first place. So if we exclude the cases of some people who really and absolutely cannot swallow a tablet, everyone else must find and consume the simple tablet. Thank you very much!

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