Hello, my name is Stelios Pantazis, I am a doctor I specialize in medical nutrition and metabolic disorders Today I would like to say a secret that will help many people especially in the winter months, when fruit and vegetable consumption is drastically reduced Often my customers complain that "In the summer, in the spring, in the fall, I eat a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetables and my diet is healthy, but when the cold period starts, in November, in October, as the cold comes, my appetite for fruits and vegetables decreases dramatically and I have to push hard to eat a salad and I completely forget the fruit for four months " And I was very worried because I hear it too often. What alternative do we have? What can we do in these cases? Okay, we can remind you, "please, get some fruit, put it in front of you to see them ", all that helps and encourages fruit consumption, but many times it is not enough. So I sat down and thought of a way on the one hand to "replace" fruits and vegetables, in part, in some way in winter which is more friendly to the cold. And what I found is to replace them with plenty of herbal drinks. Herbal teas and drinks such as green tea, mountain tea, sage and chamomile. All of these are very rich in all these nutrients found in fruits. It is rich in anti-cancer substances, anti-inflammatory substances, all that are present in the fruit and can be replaced in winter for the world that can't eat fruit and replace it with it. That is, to make a large jug with whatever herbs one likes. Clinical studies support they are very healthfull. Herbal teas may also include spices, such as turmeric, or cardamom. One may even put in the mix pepper and herbs and make a decoction, which is slowly consumed instead of coffee, or along with or after the morning coffee. That is, someone to drink morning coffee and then prepare a large jug that has a liter of herbal tea, that is warm and pleasant and drink it slowly. And that way we have a permanent flow of very powerful and nutritious ingredients, which help the body a lot and fortify it against microbes, and it's a must for winter. That's for today, thank you very much. Goodbye.

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