When I was at the hospital in the pathology department my fellow doctors would often talk to me about nutrition and nutritional supplements and while they recognized my knowledge in this area most of them thought that nutritional supplements were a waste of money. I am not wronging them. For many years the belief of most doctors was that nutritional supplements did not help health in any way. Fortunately this has changed and now most doctors very often recommend vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D. The reason this change was made is because there are now tests that show the deficiency in these vitamins and they are routinely requested by doctors. But there are dozens of other vitamins and trace elements that for some reason the tests have not prevailed or if the blood levels have prevailed they do not reflect the levels in the body. But deficiencies in these vitamins and trace elements are very common and the consequences of their lack are often harmful to health. One such essential nutrient is fish oil. Fish oil is a dietary supplement derived from the fat of fish. After a process of filtering the fish oil to remove toxins and heavy metals they are packaged in capsules. There are many studies that confirm that fish oils have many health benefits. But a very well-designed study published recently showed that consuming fish oil reduced the chance of someone being diagnosed with dementia by 13%. The study involved a sample of 215 thousand patients and the follow-up lasted 8 years. The results were clear and show the usefulness of fish oils in the prevention of dementia. Although it would be very interesting to see what is the ideal dosage that could be most helpful. Because this study did not record the dosage of fish oil used by the participants. In case you want to avoid fish oil capsules you can use food supplements that contain epa and dha derived from algae. We believe that their effect is equivalent to fish oils. The only difference is that their cost is higher. But there are other supplements that contain very important data that show they help prevent dementia. And if you've made it this far in the video, it looks like you're very interested in the topic. I would then recommend that you go to the video currently displayed to my right to learn more about nutritional supplements that are also valuable for dementia prevention. Thank you very much!

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