I'm sure you've heard that cooking salt, apart from adding flavor to food, also has a significant impact on our health. There are many studies that show how salt increases the chance of having health problems, such as studies that show that increased salt consumption increases the chance of getting high blood pressure, increases the chance of getting arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis, as well as the possibility of suffering major events in the heart and brain. Recently though. published a study of more than 500,000 people in Great Britain and it appeared that people who regularly add salt to their food have a 28% higher chance of dying prematurely. The researchers defined premature death when one of the participants died before the age of 75. So, we can say that those who add salt to their food have a 28% higher chance of dying before the age of 75. Every day I have the opportunity to talk to dozens of patients and clients who come to my practice or follow them online and I often hear that they do not use any salt at all. Basically this means that they do not add salt to their food and this is very good and beneficial for health. Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of people eating a typical diet today are getting massive amounts of salt hidden in ready-to-eat foods. For example, cheeses contain 2 to 3 grams of salt per 100 grams, which means that even if someone does not add any salt to their food, by consuming this amount of cheese they have already exceeded half of their daily salt intake. You will also find large amounts of salt in cured meats and ready-made sauces, as well as in meats that are marinated before cooking.Unfortunately, I have discovered that meats served by restaurants and steakhouses contain massive amounts of salt, comparable to the salt content I mentioned earlier in cheeses. This means that by consuming a few hundred grams of meat in a restaurant or a tavern, it is very likely that we exceed the salt limit that we are allowed to consume in one day with just one plate. If these are of particular concern to you, I have a solution to offer. In the study itself the researchers are already suggesting the ideal antidote to the excessive amount of salt present in most people's diets today. The researchers recorded fruit and vegetable consumption and saw that abundant fruit and vegetable consumption offset the negative effects of overconsumption of salt in our health. This is to be expected because fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium. Potassium is an ion that in our body works in addition to sodium, which is the main ion that causes damage to the body when it is present in large quantities. In fact, our body needs potassium to expel excess sodium from the body. When we consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables, the body has the weapons it needs to expel excess sodium and protect the health of the heart and brain vessels from unpleasant consequences. The amount of salt that satisfies everyone is a habit. The amount of salt each person uses to make their food palatable depends on what they are used to. Like all habits it can change. Like all habits, of course, it is difficult to change, but it is worth it if it is to protect the health of the heart, blood vessels and brain. Thank you very much.

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