Hi! I'm Stelios Pantazis. I'm a doctor and I specialize in medical nutrition and metabolic disorders. Today, I'll present the dried nuts that beat cancer. I've posted two videos that show which vegetables and fruits have the strongest anti-cancer effect, so that you can include them in your diet more often. Today, I'm talking about the dried nuts that have the strongest anti-cancer effect, which you should consume often too. I'm sure you all know how healthy dried nuts are and how much they help protect the heart. Dried nuts have been proven to reduce cardiovascular events and strokes, reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol in some cases, and reduce the risk of diabetes. Their benefits include protection from cancer. It has been proven that dried nuts protect from some types of cancer, especially intestinal cancer. At the same time, it seems that people that regularly consume dried nuts have a bit lower body weight, even if dried nuts have many calories. Therefore, it seems that they offer some protection from obesity. The table I'll present comes from a study that was carried out exactly as the previous two studies that I presented on fruits and vegetables. It depicts the ten most common dried nuts that are consumed in the US, which are examined roasted, at an amount equivalent to 25 g of edible nuts. In the video description, you can find the link to the study, if you'd like to read it. As I did in the previous videos, I've divided the dried nuts into four groups depending on their anti-cancer effect, and I'll start with the first table that depicts the dried nuts with the least possible anti-cancer effect, which is insignificant in this case. This group includes hazelnuts, Brazilian nuts and cashews. These dried nuts, even in relatively large amounts, have no anti-cancer effect at all. The second group includes a type of dried nuts, pistachios, which have little anti-cancer effect, mainly in large amounts. This doesn't mean that they have no anti-cancer effect, but it's very little. The third graph depicts the dried nuts that have a strong anti-cancer effect and you should eat often. These are almonds, pine nuts and macadamia nuts. These dried nuts seem to have a significant anti-cancer effect in relatively small amounts. Finally, the dried nuts that are the champions, which have the strongest anti-cancer effect even in very small amounts and which you should choose to eat most often, are peanuts, walnuts and pecan nuts. Out of these three dried nuts, the most pleasant surprise, even for me, is peanuts. Peanuts are the solution for people that can't afford to spend much money, because they're the healthiest, namely they have the strongest anti-cancer effect, at the lowest possible cost. Peanuts cost very few euro per kg and you can eat them in many ways. Let me remind you that in this study, the anti-cancer effect comes from roasted peanuts, therefore we're talking about nuts that we'll find more often in the market and they're the tastiest too. You can find them in many forms, such as peanut butter, and you can introduce them into your diet very easily. Moreover, walnuts are known to be one of the healthiest dried nuts, because they offer many benefits for your health, and this study confirmed once again their significant benefit for our health. Pecan nuts, on the other hand, are dried nuts that are very similar in composition, appearance and benefits to walnuts, so it's no surprise that their anti-cancer effect is similar to that of walnuts. We've seen which dried nuts have the strongest anti-cancer effect, and you should make sure you include them in your diet, even daily. Don't forget that dried nuts have too many calories, therefore even if studies show that they help you lose weight and they protect from obesity, you'd better not sit in front of the TV with a bag or bowl of dried nuts eating absently, because they may cause a heavy stomach and give you too many calories. If you thought this was interesting, please give us a thumbs up. Share it with people who you think might find it interesting and subscribe to our channel in order to get notified when we upload a video. You can also suggest subjects in the comment section. Thank you very much!

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