Every day I hear this question in my doctor's office or from online appointments: doctor, what exercise helps me burn fat? The answer I always give is the same: exercise you enjoy. Because in the final analysis it is better to walk three hours a week than to cycle for 0 hours, just as it is better to swim two hours a week than to run for 0 hours. So, the best exercise for fat loss is exercise that you enjoy and are going to do. But the researchers, where are the people who when such questions arise I want to look to find the objective answer that applies to everyone have done tests and experiments that can direct us to choose a form of exercise that will help us maximize fat loss . Today I would like to present one of the most famous studies on this topic. According to this study, the participants were divided into three groups. One group would walk for an hour a day every day, the other group would cycle an hour a day every day, and the other group would do one hour of swimming a day every day. Study participants were not required to make any changes to their diet. The researchers monitored the participants closely, provided them with coaches, experts and generally ideal conditions to stay in the program. After 6 months, weight loss was recorded in the three groups. The walking group lost 17 pounds, or 8 kilograms, the cycling group lost 19 pounds, or about 9 kilograms, while the swimming group not only didn't lose weight, but gained it. He gained about 2.5 kilos! The researchers wondered if this weight gain had to do with the increase in muscle mass in the participants who followed the swimming program and in fact there was a loss of fat. Because the researchers had anticipated this possibility, they also recorded the sum of subcutaneous fat, as measured with calipers, and the corresponding body fat. The measurement is on the right side of the table in red rectangular borders. In the previous two groups we had significant fat loss, but the swimmers had no fat loss at all. A quick search on the internet shows us that after an hour of swimming we have burned 300 to 600 calories. This means that if we consider an average calorie burn per hour of 450 calories, then the group of swimmers expended an additional 3150 calories per week. We see the same calorie consumption in people who ride bikes. In contrast, by walking one would expect to expend 200 to 250 calories per hour, so multiplying this by 7 then the average weekly additional expenditure in calories is 1575. It sounds incomprehensible why someone expending almost twice as many calories as someone who walks, not only doesn't lose twice as much as would be expected, but doesn't lose any fat at all. What also amazes us is that the swimmers were swimming in cool or even cold water pools, which would require an additional loss of energy to warm the body, which would lead to even more weight loss. But the result was the opposite! As strange as this sounds to you, it sounded as strange to the astonished researchers. What they did was look for the reason why people who expended twice as many calories didn't lose any fat. Next week I will give you the answer. Until then, I remind you that by pressing the like button and sharing the video you help me a lot. Also, if you are interested in the subject of weight loss, you should definitely check out the video currently showing to my right where I talk about the effect of sleep disorders on our weight.

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