Everyone knows that food can lift our spirits. This is also one of the main reasons that the weight of the average person in our societies has skyrocketed in just the last 2-3 decades. However, the effect that food has on mood also depends on what time we eat. This means that eating at certain times the effect on our mood is much more positive than when we eat at other times and today we will say it. The answer to the best time to eat is based on a study done in Massachusetts, America, which divided the participants into two groups. In one group the food consumption was during the day while in the other group the food consumption was during the night. The purpose of the Study is to better elucidate what time biology of food, trying to find If it is better to eat during the day or at night. The results of the Study showed that people who consumed food at night, i.e. after the afternoon, showed 26% more frequent symptoms of depression and 16% more frequent anxiety. This means that if someone wants to protect their health by making sure that they are less likely to get depressed and reduce their stress levels, they should make sure that their meals are finished by the afternoon at the latest. I know that this is not always possible, because we are used to the evening meal to it is the longest and the most caloric because it is the time when most people return home and it is the time to meet our people and relieve the tension of the day by eating an evening meal. It is completely understandable that it is quite difficult to manage to coordinate everyone and eat earlier. Those who are nevertheless able to eat their last meal as early as possible, ideally before 6:00 in the afternoon, have a significant advantage in relation to the possibility of developing depression and anxiety. Thank you very much.

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