A few months ago, I posted a video that went surprisingly well. Its title was "The 'healthy' foods that you should never eat." After I posted the video, many viewers added other "healthy" foods that we should never eat in the comments. I gathered some more that I thought of along the way, and I decided to make the second part of that video. Cereal bars. In my every-day interaction with clients at my office and clients that I follow up through the internet, they proudly tell me at the first session that they often eat cereal bars so that their stomach doesn't stay empty and their metabolism doesn't reduce. I've said this before and I will say this again, reduced metabolism is better than eating garbage food. It would be better to let it reduce and then increase it with something healthy. Cereal bars, which is what people that don't want an empty stomach most often eat, is a food with very low nutritional value. They mainly consist of flour, sugar and processed fats. None of these is healthy, and none of these is something you should eat often. However, let me point out a significant difference. You'll find dried-nut bars in the market. These are bars made from ground dried nuts and dried fruits. These bars are healthy, as long as it is clear in the ingredients that they don't contain cereals, sugar and processed fats. In health food stores, you'll find many dried-nut bars that exclusively contain dried nuts and usually dates. If you want something healthy in the form of a bar, this is the best choice. Of course, eating unpackaged dried nuts and dates will cost you half the money or even less. Plant milks. In the comments on my channel, you've asked me again and again to talk about plant milks. The truth is that plant milks are a very wide category of products that includes some unhealthy milks and some rather healthy ones. However, the majority of them contains a lot of sugar or similar sweeteners and their nutritional value is rather limited. Most plant milks are not worth drinking. There are some plant milks that have very few ingredients, but, on the other hand, all plant milks lack the two most important nutrients that a food should contain: fibers and proteins. Therefore, even the plant milks that are not unhealthy should be consumed in small amounts and only to combine them with something that contains a lot of fibers and proteins. This is the only way it makes sense from a dietary aspect. Choose a plant milk that has very few ingredients and contains no sweeteners, and add it to unprocessed cereals and dried nuts for your breakfast. Finally, I'd like to tell you my biggest complaint about plant milks. They're exorbitantly expensive. One liter of soya milk without sweeteners contains 79-80 g of ground soya, which costs a few cents, and water. Personally, I'm really angry if I have to pay 2 euro for it. I think it's exorbitantly expensive for noreason at all, and I feel robbed when I pay for it. Breakfast cereals. If you read the ingredients of the products you consume, you may have noticed that most breakfast cereals mainly consist of white flour and sugar. It's hard to produce something healthy that contains a lot of flour and sugar. Breakfast cereals are no exception. The partial replacement of white flour with a little wholewheat flour and sometimes the replacement of sugar with other sweeteners don't help a lot. The truth of the matter remains the same. Almost all breakfast cereals are really unhealthy. However, if you insist on eating cereals for breakfast, choose oat flakes, which are very affordable, and with dried nuts, dried fruits and yogurt, they can make a decent breakfast. Just forget about the other breakfast cereals. Gluten-free products. Gluten is the main protein contained in wheat, and some people have a form of allergy to gluten that leads to a serious disease called celiac disease. In Greece, it is estimated that 1 in 200 people suffers from this disease, but up to 8% of the people may be gluten intolerant without suffering from the full disease. For people suffering from celiac disease, avoiding gluten is a matter of life and death. For gluten-intolerant people that don't suffer from celiac disease, avoiding gluten may be useful. For the remaining 92% of the people, avoiding gluten is not necessary. In fact, it may be a wrong choice, because there are healthy products that contain gluten and are affordable, and it's not clever to avoid them. Gluten-free products are inferior to the respective products with gluten. In plain words, if you spend 2 euro to buy gluten-free bread, you'll buy much worse bread, while you can spend 2 euro to buy good bread with gluten. What complicates matters even further is that a lot of garbage foods are available in the market that proudly write on their label that they're gluten-free, suggesting that this may be useful for a lot of us. It's really not. If you're not gluten-intolerant, you shouldn't avoid gluten. Frozen yogurt. Finally, with tongue in cheek, I'd like to talk about frozen yogurt. I think most of you have realized that frozen yogurt is not a healthy choice. I'm sure you understand that frozen yogurt is more ice-cream than yogurt. This is how you should think when you see a food and you're not sure if you have to eat it or not. If a part of the name sounds unhealthy, don't be misled by the healthy halos that are placed on them. The unhealthy part prevails most of the times. We all know that plain, live yogurt is healthy. We also know that ice-cream is unhealthy. If we make ice-cream and name it "frozen yogurt", in practice, it remains ice-cream. In the same way, if, for example, you read on the package "baked potato chips", don't believe that they're roasted potatoes. They're the unhealthy part of the name. They're chips. Don't be quick to believe that they're very different from regular chips. Have you noticed other foods the label of which screams "healthy", but after you read the ingredients, you realize they're unhealthy? Write them in the comments to warn others, and I may include them in a future video. Moreover, if you haven't watched my previous video on the "healthy" foods that you should never eat, you have to click on the video you can see on my right, in order to watch it. Thank you very much.

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