Hi! I'm Stelios Pantazis. I'm a doctor and I specialize in medical nutrition and metabolic disorders. Today, I'm presenting the vegetables with the strongest anticancer effect. Since almost every home has suffered from cancer, I'm sure you're not surprised that I extensively deal with this subject, through my channel. It is estimated that at least one in three people living right now will be diagnosed with cancer, and unfortunately some of them will die of this medical problem. Medicine can offer a lot in cancer treatment right now, but the most important element is early diagnosis with the available diagnostic tools, such as colonoscopy, mammography, CT scan, and other diagnostic tests that medicine offers us today. However, it is equally important to take all the measures that we can, so that cancer doesn't occur or its risk can be significantly reduced. The good thing is that a healthy diet is the most important tool that you can use today, in order to significantly reduce the risk of cancer. As we've said in a previous video, it's really important to use diet properly, in order to have a normal weight, because this will significantly reduce the risk of some types of cancer. If you're wondering which types of cancer occur more often in overweight people, I recommend watching the video that I posted a few months ago. Therefore, increased weight is the first thing you should avoid, in order to significantly reduce the risk of cancer. However, a healthy diet won't only guarantee this, namely the reduction of the risk of cancer. There are some foods having a really strong anticancer effect, and you should include them in your diet daily. You all know that vegetables is one of the strongest anticancer foods that you can consume. But not all vegetables have the same anticancer effect. Some vegetables have a really strong anticancer effect, while some other don't have such an effect at all. Today, we'll see them in detail. Some years ago, a great study that never gets old was carried out, and it compared the ten most common vegetables that Americans consumed twenty years ago, in order to find out which of these vegetables have the strongest anticancer effect. Unfortunately, they didn't examine all the vegetables, and for those eating many vegetables, like me, the list is incomplete. But it's really useful for some initial directions, because this study produced a graph that we're studying today. If you're adventurous, you can find the link to this study in the description below. The reasoning of the experiment was rather simple. The researchers took 50 g of the edible parts of the vegetables and created an extract, believing that this is what goes into the blood. Then, they poured the extract in a bottle where they'd cultivated cancer cells and recorded what amount of vegetables destroys a certain percentage of cancer cells. To understand it better, they divided the vegetables in four groups, depending on how strong their anticancer effect was. The vegetables with the least strong anticancer effect are celery, cucumber and carrot The left column shows the percentage of cancer cells that is destroyed, while, as the line goes to the right, it shows how much the amount of vegetables that has been used increases. This shows that these three vegetables barely destroy the cancer cells, whatever the amount used is. Therefore, these vegetables have little or no anticancer effect. The second image shows the vegetables that have little anticancer effect. These vegetables are potatoes and lettuce, which have some anticancer effect in large amounts. The third graph shows the vegetables that have a strong anticancer effect, and it seems that in satisfactory amounts, they have a strong effect against cancer. These vegetables are onions, peppers and broccoli. These foods, particularly in large amounts, have a strong anticancer effect. Finally, the fourth graph shows the vegetables that have a really strong anticancer effect, because they destroy cancer cells in relatively small amounts. These vegetables are cabbage and spinach. Relatively small amounts of cabbage and spinach have a really strong anticancer effect. So, these are the vegetables with the strongest anticancer effect, and you should include them in your diet as often as possible, or even daily. You should eat at least some of them every day. I've also made a video where I present the fruits with the strongest anticancer effect, which you'll watch in the future. If you thought this was interesting, please give us a thumbs up. Share it with people who you think might find it interesting and subscribe to our channel in order to get notified when we upload a video. You can also suggest subjects in the comment section. Thank you very much!

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