Hi! I'm Stelios Pantazis. I'm a doctor and I specialize in medical nutrition and metabolic disorders. Our subject today is the miraculous effect of flax in the treatment of increased blood pressure. I'll also tell you a way to introduce flax in your daily life, in the right amount, so that you can have great benefits for your health. Flax has been described as the miraculous treatment of many serious diseases. Although this may sound as an exaggeration, I believe it's not. I'm a fan of flax and I use it daily in my diet, and one of the scientific reasons that has convinced me is the study I'm presenting today. It's a very well-organized, prospective, double-blind study with a control group. Carrying out such a study on drugs is pretty easy. You use two identical drugs, the active drug and the placebo, and, until the end of the study, neither the researchers nor the patients know the group they belong to. This is why it's called double-blind. But people usually know what they eat. So, how did they add 1/4 of a cup ground flax in half the persons' diet without their knowing it? The solution was very clever. They created a series of foods that contain ground flax, and they prepared identical foods that, instead of flax, contained molasses and bran, for similar texture, colour and taste. It was very smart and it worked. Neither the researchers nor the patients knew if they were eating flax or not. In the study, the researchers observed the blood pressure of the participants. Why did they choose this index? Because systolic blood pressure seems to be the most significant factor for the risk of death today in the world. The ideal number is 11.5 cm of mercury or 115 mm of mercury. In the group that took the miraculous flax, the systolic blood pressure dropped by 1 unit or 10 mm of mercury, and the diastolic blood pressure dropped by 0.7 or 7 mm of mercury. This doesn't sound like much, but it has been estimated that this reduction can drop the risk of stroke by 46% and the risk of heart disease by 29%. Moreover, for participants whose original blood pressure was over 14, a reduction of 1.5 units or 15 mm of mercury was recorded. After this study, the researchers conclude that flax led to strong antihypertensive effect comparable with or even better than antihypertensive drugs without the possible side-effects. I think I've persuaded you of the significance of flax. But how much should you introduce in your diet and how? Let's start with the amount. Even one teaspoon can have great beneficial effects to our health. If this is how much you can introduce in your daily diet, it's perfect. But if you want the great antihypertensive effect that the researchers found, you have to consume 1/4 of the cup or 4 tablespoons of flax, approximately. First of all, buy ground golden flax from a healthy food store or, if you want to grind it yourselves, you can buy it whole. Of course, for it to benefit your health, you must grind it before consuming it. You can grind it in any herb mill, such as a pepper mill, or buy a plain manual herb grinder for just a few euro. I've bought a plain electric coffee grinder with 20-30 euro, and this is what I use. I add flax in the two most important meals of the day, my breakfast, which is cereals, where I add about 2 tablespoons, and the taste really improves greatly. Let me note that golden flax is much more expensive than coffee, but it's much tastier and it's worth the extra 2-3 euro per kg. If you haven't tried it, its taste is similar to nuts and it goes really well with cereals. I add the other two tablespoons to my lunch, which is usually a big salad. I add various ingredients to it. I eat my salad in a large bowl and flax is lost in the big salad. But don't let the vast amounts that I consume scare you. As I've said, even one teaspoon in your cereals will greatly benefit your health. Don't consider 4 tablespoons too much. Don't let perfect become an enemy of good. Even one teaspoon a day can work miracles. If you thought this was interesting, please give us a thumbs up. Share it with people who you think might find it interesting and subscribe to our channel in order to get notified when we upload a video. You can also suggest subjects in the comment section. Thank you very much!

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