A study was recently published that divided the hobbies one might engage in into three groups and looked at how these pursuits affect the likelihood of developing dementia. In short, if you have a relative with dementia it is very important to choose activities that reduce the chance of developing this condition as early as possible. The study pooled data from 38 studies of two million people who did not have dementia at baseline, and were followed for at least 3 years. In those three years over 74,000 people were diagnosed with dementia. The researchers concluded that based on this data some occupations, or hobbies as we could say, protect up to three times more against dementia. All activities protect against dementia, and choosing social activities such as participating in social groups, volunteering, meeting relatives and friends, or visiting church reduces the chance of developing dementia by 7% compared to those who did not no activities at all. Very important, but these activities offered the least possible protection. In the next group were activities related to movement, physical activity. Such activities included walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga and dancing. In this case we had even greater protection against dementia. Those who reported such activities as leisure time hobbies were 17% less likely to be diagnosed with dementia. And that's amazing, although there was one group of activities that offered the most protection. This was the third group of activities, which protected against dementia at 23%. Here we find activities related to mental practice. That is, activities that need to put our mind to work, such as reading, writing, board games, playing musical instruments, using computers and crafts. Those activities that require us to use our minds protect against dementia more than all other activities. If you have relatives suffering from dementia it is important to do activities and even choose activities that are more protective. In the long run it will make a very big difference. But there are also some nutritional supplements that help prevent dementia, and since you seem to be interested in the topic of dementia, it's important that you watch the video that's showing right now on my right that tells you what those nutritional supplements are. Thank you very much.

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