Of the four children I have, two are in their teens, and like many parents, I'm always looking for ways to motivate them to eat right. Unfortunately, teens don't listen to health messages because teens simply feel invulnerable. No amount of heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. will ever convince any teenager to avoid junk food. On the contrary, teenagers are very aware of social and environmental issues. Instead so instead of focusing on how much good a food like fruit and vegetables does, you can focus on the damage the food industry is causing to society and the environment. Especially the over-processed junk industry. For example, some of the most famous companies that produce chocolates, children's breakfast cereals and sugary cereal bars are responsible for promoting milk powder in Africa at the expense of breastfeeding. I mean, inside by aggressive advertising they promote messages that imply that breast milk is not sufficient for the infant and families, trying to care for their infants as best they can, feel compelled to pay huge sums to buy infant formula. This results in the diet of the family and especially the mother becoming very poor, because the family is obliged to spend a lot of money to buy powdered milk. So instead of the family eating rice with chicken, is forced to eat only rice to save money so that she can buy powdered milk for the baby. This results in the infant not receiving the best nutrition, which is infant milk, and at the same time the family's nutrition deteriorates. This is an example of the food industries relying on the poor information of poor families in Africa to exploit them. But you can also find many examples of food industries burdening the environment with the sole aim of their profit. For example, it is known that the food industries are responsible for the production of 26% of the greenhouse gases that lead to an increase in the temperature of the planet. Locally produced and minimally processed foods such as oil, fruit and vegetables, nuts and local lamb and goat meat are chosen, minimizing greenhouse gas production. Producing a burger on the other side of the world, transporting it to a packaging plant, and then transporting it to a chain of junk food restaurants in your neighborhood results in the greatest possible production of greenhouse gases. A teenager who respects the environment should not want to participate in this disaster. And the best way to do that is to stop buying these chains, thereby discouraging their production and distribution. I have given you two examples, but if you search you will find more. You will find countless ways that the food industry exploits poor people around the world to rob them of what little money they have in their pockets and countless examples that the food industry does not care about the quality of the environment we live in. Share these stories with your teenage children. You will see that when they become aware of this disaster on a social and environmental level, they will be much more interested in foods that are good for their health. I remind you that when you press the like button and share this video you help me a lot. Also, on the right I see a video that says how you can get your kids to eat healthy and I think it's worth watching as well. Thank you very much.

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