According to Judeo-Christian mythology, the gates of heaven are guarded by two archangels who symbolize fear and passion. The message that the Wisdom of men throughout the ages tries to give us is that fear and passion prevent us from entering heaven. Fear and passion prevent us from passing the gates of heaven alive, that is, while we live. In other words, fear and passion hinder our peace of mind and peace in our lives. As a philosophy it has many truths to teach us. In some cases, however, at least fear has some benefits. Many believe that fear is the enemy of quality of life. But in reality fear can greatly improve our quality of life and play a very creative role in making our lives much better. One of the biggest obstacles to adopting a better lifestyle, taking care of our diet, adopting systematic exercise, stopping bad habits like smoking and taking care of our sleep is the belief that we are immortal. Often, I get the impression that many people, in fact most people, live with the belief that they still have many years ahead of them to take care of their health. Most people who visit me at my practice or make appointments online know quite a bit about healthy living. They know they shouldn't smoke, they know they should eat salad every day, they know they should exercise regularly and much more. They are not impressed when I tell them this is the right way to live and these are the health tips they should apply in their lives. They know that they have to do all this, but they leave it for a foggy "tomorrow". They live with the feeling that the time available to them is endless. They believe they are immortal. The awareness of death is a very heavy thing, but it is perhaps the only characteristic that distinguishes us from animals. At least that's what the experts think. Man, unlike other animals, knows that one day he will die. We often say that the only certainty in life is death. However, most people act as if they are immortal. And here, of course, I'm not talking about the paralyzing fear of death that freezes us and leads us to inactivity, but a fear that motivates us to make changes in our lives in order to take care of its quality. I have experienced the paralyzing fear of death for many years in the hospital Where the daily contact with helplessness and death made many of my colleagues, most unfortunately, smoke and order pizzas and kebabs in the emergency room. While at the same time they believed that exercise is for the brainless. Fortunately, two decades have passed since then and I can happily say that, at least in the medical field, the opinion of many doctors has changed in relation to exercise and proper nutrition. It's never too early to start taking care of your health. The studies are clear that extra pounds around the waist at 40 dramatically increase one's chance of dementia at 70. A low-fiber diet at 20 multiplies the risk of heart attack at 40. Childhood obesity increases the chance of heart attack at 40 and beyond. 50 even in people who then dealt with it effectively and long-term. There are still studies that show the increased cholesterol of the pregnant mother increases the probability that the child born after 40 and 50 years will have a heart attack! These are just a few examples that show that choices even at a relatively young age have a big impact on our quality of life. It's never too early to start taking care of your health. When I am asked when I should start taking care of my health, the answer is always the same: yesterday. We are not immortal. And we'd better start acting like we realize it.

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