Does the emotional state affect the decisions? If I make this question to the same person with a small difference, I'll receive two different answers. If I ask "Does your emotional state affect your decisions?" they'll ask "It usually doesn't". If I ask "May someone's mental or emotional state affect their decisions?" the answer will be "Probably". I've just told you two important things. First, that the emotional state affects the decisions, and second, that we think this doesn't happen to us. Let's start with the relevant study. This study was carried out at a middle school in the US, where the teachers, who didn't know the aim of the study, were divided into two groups. The teachers of the first group had to write a pleasant experience of theirs, while the teachers of the second group had to write an unpleasant one. Then, all teachers were given the same essay to grade. After they completed grading, they answered some questionnaires that included this question: "Do you think that the recall of your experience "has affected the grading of the essay?" As expected, most teachers answered that the fact that they had remembered a pleasant or unpleasant experience didn't affect the grade of the essay at all. However, the grades show something different, because the people that had remembered a pleasant experience graded the essay with 18.4/20, while the people that had remembered an unpleasant experience graded the same essay with 16. This simple and amazing study highlights two problems. First, that the feelings significantly affect our decisions. And second, that most of us won't realize that. Many of us are entrenched by our feelings. We find it hard to recognise them, and when we do, we don't know how to handle them. For example, our supervisor has scolded us. Obviously, we can't scold him too, because we could lose our job. Most of us will choose to suppress their feelings, hoping that they will go away in some way. But this never happens. Our suppressed feelings are expressed. Whether we like it or not, they will be expressed. Our choice is this: We can express them on our own and channel them into productive activities, or let them express on their own, but unfortunately they may express in ways that are bad for our health. Can you guess how this is associated with our dietary behavior? Thank you very much.

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