There are many ways for a diet to fail, and one of the most common is choosing the wrong diet, nutrition or expert to help. One of the main reasons that someone chooses the wrong diet, diet expert or nutrition specialist is a mental fallacy called "the good dolphin effect". I'll tell you the story so you understand. Imagine that you live on an island, where all the inhabitants live mainly by fishing. Every day fishermen load their boats with fishing gear and head out to sea in search of fish to feed their families. Oftentimes some of them never come back. They are lost at sea. Shipwrecks are frequent. Until it is heard a story of one whose boat was wrecked, and while all his companions perished, he was saved because a good dolphin brought him to land. The story excites you and you think about it for months. But, in these months, other fishermen from the island are lost at sea. Years pass, and 6-7 years later you hear another story about a fisherman whose boat was wrecked, all his companions were lost at sea, but he was saved by a good dolphin. You slowly begin to believe that the dolphins must be good and take care of the castaways. After a few years the story repeats itself, and while many have been lost at sea, another shipwrecked fisherman is saved by a good dolphin. In 15-20 years you have already heard the story three times, so now it is clear in your mind. Dolphins are good, they love people and save them whenever they can. You've heard of at least three people being rescued by dolphins, and you're under the impression that that's enough to convince you that dolphins are good. But who can assure us that the other dozens of fishermen who were lost at sea were not tricked by evil dolphins who led them to their doom just for fun and we never learned their story. Since these castaways fell into the clutches of evil dolphins and instead of being on land, found themselves at the bottom of the sea, how can we know their story? There may indeed be one good dolphin who saves one out of twenty shipwrecked fishermen, but all the other dolphins are bad and see to the destruction of the remaining 19. If you don't know exactly what happened, you can't be sure that the dolphins are okay. Some may be good, but some may be evil. The same happens to many people who try to choose a diet, a diet expert or a nutrition specialist to help them lose weight. They see someone they know has lost weight and ask them how they did it. He will gladly share his success story with them. He will then ask someone else who has also seen good results and slowly build up an image of a diet or specialist to help. But this picture is based only on the people who did well. However, people who have failed to lose weight following the same diet or the same specialist will not share their failure story with this person. So the picture of which diet, nutrition or specialist can help us is based only on the few people who have succeeded. In this way, a rather distorted picture is created about which diets or experts can help us, while we miss the opportunity to learn the most valuable information. What went wrong with those who didn't make it. Before you decide to follow a diet or a specialist, be sure to ask those who have failed. This will give you a complete picture of the situation. Thank you very much.

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