Another question I often hear, especially from my online clients, is if they can eat and do something else at the same time, like watch TV, YouTube, or work on their computer. The answer is not what you think. The answer is both yes and no. I'm sure you're surprised by my answer. In reality, some of you eat less when you're doing something else at the same time, while others eat more. Let's look at it. My answer is based on a series of studies, which are set up like this. They invite participants to the workshop to do something that requires their attention. In one of the most famous experiments, for example, participants were asked to watch a presentation of paintings on a screen and press a button with their foot whenever a sound was heard. The logic of the study was for the participants to engage exclusively with the paintings and the sound, that is, to have their attention focused there, and the reason they pressed the button with their foot was to have their hands free to grab whatever food they could consume from what the researchers generously served. Simply put, the participants' attention was focused on something while their hands were free to eat as much as they wanted. As is usually the case in these studies, the participants were told that the experiment was about the pictures and the sound, when in fact this was the diversion in order to eat as much as they wanted. The results were impressive. People who had trouble losing weight, and often dieted, ate 40% more food, while people who reported having no problem keeping their weight off ate 30% less food. The results were impressive because in this way we can see that when we eat and our attention is directed elsewhere, some of us function in a way and some function in the exact opposite way. And this confirms what I have observed in the 20 years I have been working professionally in nutrition. People with a weight problem eat more when their attention is diverted, while people without a weight problem eat less when their attention is diverted. Do you belong to a group? Write it in the comments. Thank you very much.

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