A few years ago, a study was published in the respected Science journal which helps us understand which the best window that you can choose in the hospital is for faster and easier recovery. Before I start, I'd like to say a few words about Science. Science is considered the most reliable scientific journal in the world regardless of the scientific field. This is the journal that publishes the scientific data from the missions to Mars, the latest developments in quantum mechanics, the most significant scientific data from chemistry and new materials, and in general, in order to publish something there, you need to cover some something really significant in any scientific field. We'd say that publishing something in this journal is like winning the European championship in football or basketball. Namely something really great in a very popular sport. I'm telling you these, so that you can understand that the study I'm presenting is really a very significant study of medicine. The study was carried out in the US, at a hospital in Pensylvania, which was fortunately designed in such a way that half of the windows in the surgical department overlooked a small grove, namely trees, while the rest of them overlooked a wall. The researcher that published this study compared some significant factors of the recovery of people that had undergone a cholecystectomy. All the other factors were the same for all patients, namely age, gender, surgical condition, previous surgeries, smoking, etc. Their only difference was that half of the patients during recovery were overlooking the trees, while the rest of them were overlooking the wall. The researcher recorded a series of factors and noticed that patients overlooking the trees had much better results. For example, the patients overlooking trees from their window recovered almost one day sooner than the patients overlooking the wall. Moreover, during days 2-5, which are the most crucial ones, they consumed 2.5 times fewer strong analgesics. This means that they were in much less pain or they felt much less pain or they tolerated the pain much more, or all the above. The nursing staff also noted in the file comments on the patient's condition, and it was noticed that for the patients overlooking the wall, negative comments were over triple, such as "The patient is suffering", or "The patient is crying", or "The patient is feeling intense stress and fear." Finally, as if these weren't enough to show how important contact with nature is, the researcher also recorded the post-surgery complications. Even this measurement showed that the patients overlooking trees had post-surgery complications more rarely. Therefore, if you can choose what you overlook from your window in the hospital, choose to overlook trees, nature, a park, or even a small pot. If this is not possible, bring a plant with you or have someone bring you one. It will make your stay beautiful and it will also make your recovery faster and easier. On the other hand, you don't have to wait until you go into hospital to introduce nature into your life. Try to come into contact with nature every day. Taking a 15-minute stroll in nature, for example, at the local park, taking care of indoor or balcony plants, or even a few pots next to our desk can improve your quality of life and, as it seems, its quantity too, namely you'll live better and more. Thank you!

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