I'm sure you all know about the Vietnam War in the '60s and '70s. But what most of you don't know is one of the biggest problems the US had expected this war to cause, which they didn't have to deal with in the end. One of the biggest problems the soldiers faced in Vietnam was the high percentage of American soldiers that were addicted to heroin. In Vietnam, the percentage of soldiers that were addicted to heroin reached 20%. Namely, one out of five soldiers was addicted to a very hard drug. The total number of soldiers addicted to heroin exceeded 100,000. Many experts were worried. What would happen with all these addicts when they went back to the US? To deal with this huge problem, the experts designed special reception centers for veteran addicts, and special rehab centers with very advanced guidance and rehabilitation programs. Experts from all over the US were involved in this, experts that had been dealing with addiction for years. All these programs cost millions of dollars, and all these millions of dollars went to waste. Practically no one went to all these rehabilitation programs. Out of the tens of thousands of people that these centers had been expecting to guide in their social rehabilitation, only a few hundreds went. Why did this happen? How come these people that were so addicted to such a hard drug for many years stopped taking it when they returned to their country? Just like that. This was a mystery that required more experts to be solved. The solution to this mystery is simpler that the one you can imagine. In reality, there's no mystery. After leaving the front, the veterans left their addiction to the hard drug back in Vietnam, together with their military addiction, namely their uniform, their gun, their helmet and their kitbag. This happened because in the environment they returned to, in their country, in their family, in their group of friends, in their old habits, there was no place for drugs. Their friends had fun without taking drugs. Their family spent their days without taking drugs. The girlfriend that was waiting for them to return from the front did not allow room for such abuse and such forms of entertainment. All those signs that triggered the need to abuse were no longer there. Their genes didn't change. Their brain didn't change. What changed was their environment. And this was enough for at least 95% of the veterans to leave their addiction to this strong hard in the past. You may wonder what the Vietnam War and the veteran drug addicts have to do with the healthy diet. When we try to change our diet, we have to make sure that we change our environment too. We can't rely on our willpower to always protect us from all the treats that surround us. Every day, we're facing tens of opportunities to eat delicious treats. It's impossible to always resist. It's easier and much more effective to reduce the treats that we see. This will dramatically reduce the risk of eating garbage food. Earlier, I mentioned the genes. How important is the genes' role in the risk of increased weight? How much can genes affect us to gain weight? If you're interested in this question, I recommend watching the video on my right to find out the answer. Thank you very much!

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