Those who manage to maintain a normal weight in any way often like to brag about their self-control. They often like to lash out at people they perceive to be overweight because they believe their problem is due to a lack of self-control. Even those who don't openly attack people they think are overweight often think so inside, because I often hear in my medical office or through online appointments about this or that relative's inability to control his or her appetite. But is this “self-control” so powerful? Is “self-control” stronger than chips? The researchers tried to answer this question by setting up a clever study. The "victims" of the study were once again university students. They were asked to participate in a study that would correlate personality with taste. Of course, that was not the purpose. The purpose was to examine whether people with high self-control resisted crisps. So at the beginning they called the students and gave them a big package with psychological tests they had to fill out. Among these tests was a test that measures self-control. After a few days they invited the same students back to the lab to taste the chips and fill out some forms about how they taste. The forms, of course, were misleading, because all the researchers were interested in was how many chips the students would eat and whether that was somehow related to their previously reported self-control ability. So they left each student alone for 8 minutes with a 90 gram bag of potato chips. To understand the taste of potato chips, is it enough to eat one? two? three maximum. When the researchers returned, they took the bag of leftover chips and weighed how many were left. They then tried to see if people with high self-control actually ate fewer chips. No such thing happened. All study participants, regardless of self-control ability, ate the chips. In conclusion, no matter how much self-control the participants had, the chips were eaten. Don't ever rely on self-control to stop eating chips, fries, pizzas and all the other junk food. You have to find another strategy. Or better yet other strategies. Thank you very much.

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