In 2007, one of the most significant journals of the scientific world in general, Science, published one of those studies that make me jealous, when I read them, in a good sense, because I see a really simple study that every one of us can carry out, practically with no equipment, published in a journal where just one publication changes a person's scientific career. Anyway. Let's see the study. The study tried to answer a question that many people consider self-evident. But in science, nothing is considered self-evident, and we're satisfied only if we have adequate scientific data. The researchers tried to find out if women talk more than men within 24 hours. To do so, they used machines that record a person's speech within 24 hours, and then they transcribed the speech and counted the words. The recording lasted 2-10 days and concerned approximately 400 persons, half of which were men and the other half of which were women. All the participants were young adults, namely university students, as is typical in these studies. The results proved that stereotypes are once again wrong, because both men and women use approximately 16,000 words in a day. Therefore, if you use this argument in any issue, you'd better stop doing that, because science has proven it wrong. In the video description, you can find the link to the study, if you want to read it. Thank you!

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