It took many decades to realize that smoking is bad for our health, but since the '60s, when the studies became very convincing and proved without a doubt that smoking has very negative consequences on our health, the society has taken a series of very important measures, in order to restrict smoking and mitigate the damage it causes to humans. As a result, smoking has reduced dramatically in most countries of the western world, which improved the health and quality-of-life indicators. We all agree that smoking is a very harmful habit that no one should have. Unfortunately, it seems that there is something equally dangerous that is really hard to "quit", namely to avoid. Loneliness. Right now, many studies confirm that the quality and quantity of our social interactions is reducing dramatically. This is proven in many ways, such as reduced chances of persons of different ages living in the same house, more frequent relocation of the working population, delay of marriage, high career demands, fewer persons per house, and more people living alone, etc. All these explained in a complicated way what we experience daily. Elderly people live alone, without their children or grandchildren. Many people choose to live alone or are forced to do so. Many people work too many hours to support a family they never see. People get married late, in order to become financially independent and be able to support it first, etc. It makes sense to suspect that all these affect the quality and quantity of our lives. But the scientists of the research that you'll find in the description collected all the studies that correlate all the factors that indicate reduced social interactions, and the chances of early death. The results of the study were sad. We all know that loneliness makes living unbearable. This study proved that it increases the risk of death by 26%, namely it reduces our life by 15 years. This means that loneliness makes life much worse and much shorter. In fact, the researchers compared the years that smoking and loneliness steal, and unfortunately the conclusion was that they equally reduce life. Let me point out that this has nothing to do with the financial status, the social status and other factors that the researchers examined. It only has to do with social isolation. Don't wait until your loved ones get sick in order to stand by their side. If you stand by their side, you're already healing them. And the secret is that you're healing yourself too. Thank you very much!

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